Takeaway Option - Use Back Shoulder to Pull Behind You

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Takeaway Option - Use Back Shoulder to Pull Behind You

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Ross Oct 10, 2014

A powerful repeatable backswing is controlled by the "shoulders". I've taught to start the backswing by turning the shoulders around the spine. Some of my students also like to use the front shoulder to "push" on the takeaway and are successful.

I have found something "new" lately that I consider to be an "option" that also helps with the backswing, and at the same time, helps with a different issue in the golf swing... maintaining the "width" of the backswing.

If you setup shaft in line with the front arm, elbows close pointing at the hips, and wrists set like impact, then use your "back shoulder" to try to pull your back shoulder behind you (toward your spine), you can move that "arm template" during the backswing and it is much easier to maintain its shape and width. Our goal is to use the shoulders on the backswing and keep that arm shape in tact, meaning the elbows stay close together, wrists fixed. You do not need a big backswing. You don't want to go to the point where the arms/hands help and lift on their own. Try this first with a half backswing thinking "pull" using the back shoulder... then maybe go a little farther etc.

One more thing... I think this thought also helps keeps you from sliding to the back foot. :)

Try this option. It may help your backswing... Ross

Ross Sep 09, 2019
Yes, one of the greats in my book. I read early David Leadbetter and learned a lot. Nick worked with Leadbetter. My method is different in many ways, but setup and impact are very similar.
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