Where do I find the Game Calculator?

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Where do I find the Game Calculator?

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EmailsToRoss Apr 28, 2016
Hi Ross

Where do I find the game calculator?

Thanks, Al

Hi Al

The Game Calculator is something you make for yourself. Example would be you want to keep track of “Fairways Hit” off of the tee and “Saves” and “Putts” to help dial in on where you’re losing strokes and what parts of your game need work. So… as you play #1 on the course, after you’ve teed off, if you hit the fairway, make a “check mark” on a separate line on a separate score card on #1… then if you missed the green, but then chipped close and made the putt, you can put a check mark that you had a “save”... and a 1 on the "Putts" line for that hole. You keep this going for all 18 or 9 holes. Then later at home you might move the results to your computer or a notebook. Then after so many rounds you’ll see a pattern and know where you need work. Then as you practice and improve, you’ll see improvement in those areas. It also gives you incentive to practice.
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