Comments & Insight from Ross on Stats from Students

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Comments & Insight from Ross on Stats from Students

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EmailsToRoss Apr 28, 2016

Good morning Ross.

Played 9 this am and shot a 43.

Hit 2 fairways and 3 greens in regulation. 16 putts and no penalties or lost balls. Best of all I birdied the #1 handicap hole an par 5. Missed to the right once and 5 times to the left, When I do the swing right it seems almost effortless. Another benefit of your swing is I don't leave the course feeling all beat up.


Hi Al

That is the idea. First, a very important stat is missing… “Saves” or “Getting up and down”. You need that too. So go back in your mind for today’s round and see how many times on the 6 holes you missed the green, did you chip close and make the putt. Now, write this info down on a piece of paper or plot these stats in your computer and date it and the course you played. Then next time, you'll do the same again and write it down just below your last round. You can then use this info to work specifically on problems that recur… like missing to the “left” 5 times (you’re either flipping or not turning)… I’d say next time you play, make sure you turn farther through impact all the way to the finish… if you do and don’t flip, you’ll be straight or maybe a bit right… we want to get rid of any shots going left (and you can).

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