Start of downswing

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Start of downswing

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dave Jun 19, 2014
The start of the downswing (or the trigger) is the turning of the left hip toward the target with powerless arms, correct? What do you think of using as a trigger the straightening of the left leg which (for me) causes the hips to turn fully. It seems to work for me and it's an easy thing to remember. All I do is when I get my shoulders fully turned (as much as my flexibility allows) I think- straighten left leg. The left leg straightens when you turn the hips anyway. Thanks


P.S. Great golf instruction on your website.

Ross Jun 23, 2014
Hi Dave
First the concept or trigger of "hips" is plural... they both work together. Actually, the move is generating from ground up. If you think about throwing a ball, the unwinding is exactly the same... as long as more that 50% is on the front foot, you can unwind easily. Also, if you practice vertically... like the "Finish Drill", you can feel the move.

Now, as far as the straightening of the front leg... I will have to disagree for a couple of reasons. First , if it works for you... Do it!! What I worry about is, that is a move that could change the concept of "unwinding level" at least until the body rotation has brought the arms through impact and the back shoulder is touching the chin...then the back, head follow the rotation out and the back releases to face the target. I think more of the downswing being the inverse of the backswing... kind of wind up... unwind and the straightening of the leg would disrupt the "action / opposite = reaction". Thanks for the nice comments Dave.


bjbigbird Jun 23, 2014
I just think turn. I use to use my arms.

cguyaok Aug 06, 2014
Ross, long ago in the big blue Faldo book after he started to redesign his swing with Ledbetter, he actually advocated starting the downswing by separating the left knee away from the trail side of the body-he said a lot in that book so its possible I am always mistaken [eek]- but I can do that and it does drop my shoulder and arms straight down and through-it is a "snap" but does not feel like a rotation but a sling-shot-are you recommending this versus turning Hogan's belt buckle or driving Austin's right knee to 10 o'clock?


Ross Aug 07, 2014
It is not that complicated... what do you think about when you throw a ball... it is the same unwinding move, but with your weight already on the front foot. It is so much easier when the weight did not slide to the back foot on the backswing. If more than 50% of your weight is on the back foot, you can't unwind (without sliding back to the front foot first).

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