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I'm still implementing "the change" and it's going well.  If I miss, it's still left, and I think I get too quick.  I also have a hard time not hinging, and I was thinking about this when I rebooked at your trapping video.  In this, you appear to have a distinct hinge, but this may be from a natural extension of the left arm.  What is your opinion?  Thanks again for your help.  My son thinks I'm crazy to put the ball forward of left foot on drives, but it sure does work!

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.04.43 AM.png
Yes, this video has a slight hinge.  Since I hinged for so many years, if I don't focus on a little firmer grip, my wrists might hinge from the momentum of the shoulder turn.  I use to play that hinge, but it is better if you don't hinge.  You don't want to miss the message in this lesson video.  The main focus is "Trapping Impact".  You want everything moving the ball via the body's rotation.  If the wrists can stay fixed, impact is much easier and allows the body to control the downswing. 

I'm sure your son's concept of Driver or the golf swing in general, is to hit at the ball with the club head.  That is done with the hands.  If you are going to do that, the last place you'd put the ball is forward.  Forward is for those who have learned to "rotate" athletically.  For those that hit at the ball, the swing is done once you hit the ball ... and then, after the balls gone, the arms/club just pull the body around or not.  Two totally different animals, except one is more reliable and produces a much more consistent golf swing/game.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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