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Hi Ross.  Just wondering your thoughts on holding the arms out rather than under shoulders to create a single plane swing Moe Norman style.

Thanks Richard

Hi Richard
You’ll soon learn watching my lesson videos that lifting the arms up or reaching is not repeatable and causes other issues contrary to my method, like:

1.  The shoulders (large muscles) control the backswing and the arms/club are moved by the shoulders.  They need to “hang” once the body is setup in an Athletic Position.  When the arms hang, they  they can easily return, because  gravity is always pulling the arms back down.  So, we work with gravity (in a sense). Watch the lesson video called Arms Under Shoulders in the Setup section.

2.  An athletic setup (not the traditional out of balance setup most golfers are taught), makes this swing repeatable and more powerful. If you reach out and lift the arms, you’ll be forced to bend down (out of balance), to get to the ball, and lose the critical athletic position...  AND end up hurting your back, because the lower back (activated) does not want to stay like that.  Learning to stay in your tilt is awful advice.  Almost all golfers that start that way, raise up during the swing to find balance, and that will ruin the  “holding the arms out” idea.

Those are a couple reasons.  Essentially, we want the arms hanging natural.  Now they need to create a “fixed” radius (elbows close etc.), but we don’t want them lifting, so the shoulders can control them.

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