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Why is it so important to keep the arms closer together?


The arm(s) act like the radius of a circle.  We need the arms to “maintain” the radius so we can make consistent contact. 

If we start with bent elbows and apart, during the swing the inertia will straighten them out and we would hit the ground (or have to compensate by raising up)… so we need at least one straight arm at all times.  That will be the front arm on the backswing until just after impact, then the back arm to the finish. 

Now, the opposite can happen too.  If we setup with nice straight front arm and elbows close, then on the backswing, sometime before impact, the elbows bend and come apart, we will hit thin or need to drop down to the ball to make contact. 

Keeping the elbows close together helps maintain our radius.  This takes practice, but will pay off if you can develop it. Everything about my method is about reducing variables to be more consistent.

BTW... take a look at any top tour player how close their elbows are and how well their arms maintain the radius. 

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