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A "Save" or "Getting Up & Down", is a 1-2 shot combination (usually around the green) to finish the hole.  Essentially what it did is "save" a stroke.

The average golfer, from around the green, will chip or pitch on to the green then 2 or 3 putt.  With a "Save", you'll chip or pitch into the cup (yay), or chip or pitch then 1 putt at most and be done.

Pros, around the green, are thinking 1 shot, maybe 2 at most to be done.  You want to start thinking like this and you will start lowering your score.  Thinking this way will encourage you to improve your "recovery shots*" and "putting".

The DUPLESSISGOLF method originally developed from techniques I designed to improve the Short Game for my students.  This is how I discovered that Large Muscles are much more reliable... especially on short shots and thick rough.   I then realized it also worked great on full swing.

* Recovery shots is a term I use, to mean some kind of shot that leaves you a 2-3' putt for a "save".  We want at most 3' left to finish.  There is a big difference in "makes" for 3' vs. 4' putts.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


So, is a save more than just saving par....meaning good drive, second shot misses green, chip or pitch to green and two putt???? For a bogie 5.

In my current golfing world a bogie is not a bad score.... I had a line for saves yesterday, but I had none to save par....several to save bogie.


Hi Al

No,  a “save”, saves you a stroke whether it is for double, triple.  A “save” is 1-2 shots max.  Most golfers chip/pitch then 2 or 3 putt… we want to chip/pitch into the cup, or chip/pitch and at most have only 1 putt !... that is a “save”.  So, a save will be any 2 shot combo, usually from off the green, that saves you a stroke.  This is the most important area to track for an amateur.  


... Al's reply

OK... a save is one or two shots and saves you from 3 or more it!


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