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Student Question
I'm using your method and like it. However sometimes I shank the ball to the right along the ground. Please advise.
Thanks, Randy

Hi Randy
The only way you can shank a golf ball, is that you opened the club face somewhere on the backswing or just before impact.  You rolled your hands open.  You should watch Square Club Face.   Here is one "key point" for you to check... just before impact your back hand-palm MUST be facing down (not out).  At that point, the toe of the club must be at a 45° angle (not toe up). Many times it gets into that position from lifting and hinging on the backswing.  It can also get that way if your lower body races ahead on the downswing, leaving the arms and club lagging behind. You must use your body rotation to bring the arms/club back down in front of the body as you continue to rotate to the finish.  Watch The Ross Move

Also, shortening the backswing and making sure only the shoulders move the arms/club during the backswing, can help keep the face square.  It takes practice to get the hands out, but that is the road to a great, repeatable golf swing.


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