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Love your system, it has helped me (at age 68).  Still battling swinging too fast from the top and hitting a lot of fat iron shots.  Any suggestions?


Hi Rick

For the “Quick from the top” that you feel….Drills like “The Finish Drill” and “The Stop Rotate Drill” and “The Large Muscles Drill” WILL help you, because they engrain your body to use the correct muscles at “transition” (at the top and then what STARTS the downswing, is what your swing needs for that).  You can’t get fast if you unwind from ground up… 

Now, the fat issue can be a couple of different things, is not usually a side effect of quick from the top.  It is usually more from “moving off the ball” on the backswing or “sliding” towards the back foot.  Keep your “chest” right on the ball and let your shoulders wind up (without a shift or slide on the backswing).  Also, the above drills will help because, the body “unwinding” on the downswing, has to take control over the hands/arms.  The body brings the arms/club down and around to the finish (not the arms hands taking over from the top or midway).

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