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Ross:  on my irons I don't seem to be trapping the ball properly.  Do you have any tips to make sure the ball gets trapped.  JWP


You want to meet the ball just before, or at the bottom of the swing arc.  You want the shaft in line with the front arm, “leading” the club head.  Those 2 thoughts take some practice, but when you get them both, you’re very close.

Also, your hands should be just about your inner thigh of the front leg at impact.  You want to feel like your body is turning and everything* is dragging that shaft to the left (right hander).  You will feel impact across your entire body, not just in the hands.  Hope this helps explain trapping a little better Jack.

*Everything means … all body parts working together… now, they’re not all “lined up”, because the body is unwinding, but the arms are definitely back in front of the body, with the hips slightly unwound to the left, continuing to unwind. 


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