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Hi Ross,
Having witnessed this repeatedly, and doing it myself, what is the root cause when we pick up our left foot and move it backwards on the downswing? For myself it seems I am not getting my right knee moving at the start of the downswing, locking up my lower body, and therefore it's the only way to get the width needed to get the club head to the ball?
I'm not sure what you mean, but if you are talking the front foot moving at all, that's not good because we keep 60% of our weight on the front foot during the backswing... and the weight only increases as we rotate on the downswing.  Sorry... not sure what you mean. 

I do see golfers change their front foot by lifting and flaring their foot open on the start of downswing, but not move it back.  This move is usually because they do not no how... or can't roll to the outside of their front foot, so flaring allows more rotation.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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