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Hello everybody
I am a 70 year old middle handicapper.
I had many teachers during years, on the Internet and on the golf club.
All have helped but with the method of Mr Ross, my results have improved tremendously!
My game became consistent and efficient!
I can recommend anyone to give it a try.
I knew the system already by the internet videos and all  the posts on the forum, but
I  payed a membership because i wanted to thank Mr. Ross for this amazing experience

Thanks again!!!

Hello Rene'
I really, really, appreciate the trust, support and nice comments.  I've feel very fortunate to have wonderful, hardworking students (like you Rene'), throughout my teaching career.  

Golf is hard! and can be frustrating at times, but that's what makes the enjoyment so sweet, when we get it going again. Thank you again Rene'


Move Less ... Get Good!   


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