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Hi Ross,
Curious about this. Regarding club swing weight, for Driver in particular, would we generally be more likely to gain distance with a heavier club swing weight (D4+) since we are moving more mass through the ball to maximize momentum (vs the recent trend toward lighter and lighter clubs for more "speed")?
Do you see any themes with your students?

I'm not sure.  My first thought is heavier (if you can maintain the same rotation speed), would get you a bit more (maybe), but there are diminishing returns at some point.  Again, it's the "trade-off" thing.  The club gets too heavy (for the golfer's ability), and drags the arms behind or slows your rotation down.  Personally, I'm always going to take direction over distance.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

We know the manufacturers would be in a weight race if there was some advantage for the average golfer to go lighter or heavier. It must be that modern clubs are about at the best weight for most people.

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