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Hi member...I've been watching your Advanced Shots training video's and have a question about swing path as it relates to a set up "draw" or "cut". For example, I'm hitting a "cut"...if my stance is open with my club face, facing the my swing path supposed follow my target line back and through or come back slightly outside the target line and then across the target line as I make contact with the ball?
You do not follow the target line once you've setup for a cut or draw. You do not try to manipulate* the swing path. Once you try to follow a path, you will use your hands or arms and lose the Large Muscle control.  Just stick with the method and use your Large Muscles. The fact that you preset the club face open or closed (before you took your grip), will automatically create in to out, or an out to in path, once you align the face on the target.

If you open or close the club face a bit before you take your grip... then, let your arms hang and using your feet to adjust, align the club face to your target... this will place your feet in perfect position.

If you had closed the club face a bit, your club face should be on the target and your stance will be just a bit closed.  The opposite will happen if you open the face.

*Trying to bring the club to the inside, or swing from out to in, or in to out, will never be reliable or consistent.  We just turn our shoulders on the backswing, then use our body on the downswing... there is no need to worry about path.  The shoulders are reliable (if the hands don't take over).

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Great...thanks Ross.

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