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Hi Ross. I think that still pics of your swing, down the line, and face on would be helpful. Thanks. Ralph Grapentine

Hi Ralph
I don't have still pics because I don't want you to think about positions.  Everyone looks different at different points of the swing.  The golf swing is dynamic.  It is like throwing a rock.  You didn't have to see photos when you were young, to know how to throw a rock or ball. 

If you just do the drills, you'll learn how to use the Large Muscles.  It really is easier than you think. 

No one can get to "positions" repeatedly... meaning your body is going to go where it goes.  All we care about is that the face is "SQUARE" at impact and that the shaft is in line with the front arm.  That is what is happening for a solid, straight golf shot as we turn through impact.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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