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Hello Ross my drives are fine , very big problem skulking all my fairways and irons, my set up seems fine I am turning my shoulders first , I am sitting down into the shot I am swinging at a nice tempo , playing the forward in my stance. Your thoughts Please

Thanks Chris

Hi Chris
This is a easy answer, you’re flipping  (throwing the club head) at the ball.  On the downswing, you have to let the body turning, drag the shaft to the left (right hander) as you retain the wrists.  The back wrist will be bent in supporting as the front wrist is flat or even bowed out a bit.  I guarantee you, when you "skull" a shot, your wrists will look just the opposite at impact.

One other feeling that works, is to feel your back hand "palm down" with a bent in wrist "holding", at impact... as you keep turning.  This helps retain the shaft in line with the front arm and helps prevent flipping.
I have always had a huge problem with flipping myself and thus topping the ball. The biggest things that corrected it were Ross's two instructions to think of the glove hand as pointed down during the take away and then firing the hips first during the downswing and learning to trust that and the body rotation to drag the hands through at impact. It is a nonissue for me now thanks to Ross.[smile]

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