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Ross, to me the turn or the left shoulder feels as if it is going down slightly because of being bent at address. When I try to turn straight back I feel like I am swaying off the ball. I also noticed that when you try and turn around a fixed spine it almost feels like a reverse weight shift. I guess since I have had a lean to the right at address for so long it feels strange. That all being said I am hitting the ball much better but struggle with my turn wondering if it is straight back or is it working slightly under. Also, on the chips I noticed you said the front shoulder works down and up and wonder why it is different from the full shots. Thanks for your help.

Good question.  A big key, is to achieve the "Athletic Setup", that allows up the shoulders to move freely.  If you're a little "offset", shoulders not level or back shoulder dropped, it is very hard to turn around the spine.  Practicing the "Large Muscles Drill"... will really help get the feeling of how the shoulders should work and feel, as they wind up around the spine.

One other thing you said, makes me think you're a bit out-of-balance or not level at setup... you said, .... "feels like a reverse pivot".  That can happen or feel like that, when you're not square and balanced to begin with.  The back shoulder should not come "up", to create a feeling of being tilted or reverse pivot.  We want to be centered, level and let the shoulders turn around the spine.  I know there is a little "tilt", but there should be a freedom to turn the shoulders.

FYI...I too, leaned to the right at setup for many years and know exactly what you are experiencing.  That lean, is an anticipation to "move" to the back foot, ... or the back shoulder is too low at setup.  Leveling out with a bit more weight on the front foot, will free up the shoulders to turn correctly.

Yes, you are right I do say that the shoulder does work "down" on the chip shot" (putting too), but this is NOT how the shoulders turn for the full swing.  That is a special shot.  In fact... I prefer the "pitch shot" over the "chip shot" and think it is the most reliable shot around the green.  The pitch shot uses the body rotation, just like most other shots we take, and is more reliable.  Now, the reason I teach the chip shot... and the front shoulder works down is,... the shoulders are the only part moving for the chip shot (like putting), and so... Push down... Pull up, is more reliable when nothing else moves.  Hope this makes sense... Ross

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