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Can the arms be too low on the full backswing? I've been working on removing the lift in my backswing for better connection but it feels like my backswing is much much shorter and pretty low when I try to rotate my front shoulder straight back. I haven't had a chance to see how it works on the range but I don't want to practice the wrong thing at home.
The "Shoulders" move the arms/club around the spine.  If the shoulders are indeed controlling the arms/club, the arms/club will move up, roughly on the "tilt" angle of the spine. Different length clubs will produce slightly (more/less) tilt or spine angle.

If you are setup very upright, with little tilt, as you turn the shoulders, your arms/club would be lower, than if you setup with more tilt.  Remember to stay in balance (Athletic  Setup)... you don't want to create more tilt and end up with your chest out over your toes. 

Everyone is different... the key is letting the shoulders take control, so the "return" can be consistent.  If the arms help, or take over, or redirect, or collapse etc., it makes it difficult to "return" back to how you were at setup.

Hint:  When the arms/club are at the control of the shoulders, the hands/arms/club, tend to stay "between" the shoulders on the backswing.  This produces nice "width" and keeps them connected.

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