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Hi Ross I have tried using your methods on my last two rounds and know I am hitting straighter. I have some questions on the short game, however. Do you always use the same club when you chip or different ones depending on distance and/or other circumstances? What about distance control? I am getting better contact on chips and pitches but am struggling with distance control and feel. How about the bounce and avoiding digging in behind the ball? Thanks. Ralph.
As you improve, the better player 95% of the time, uses one club (SW usually) around the green.  Bounce is not an issue as long as you don't flip through impact (a la Tiger's new issue).  If you flip you WILL chunk, skull, dig, chile dip, shank, blade, hit fat etc. (never be consistent)... and lose your confidence. The fun part is... it is so EASY to be very confident around the green (with any club), if you learn to keep the shaft fixed in line with the front arm, wrists fixed holding the perfect impact shape (the entire swing), and LET YOUR BODY DO THE WORK.  The shoulders take the "arm template" back a bit... then the body unwinds and brings the "arm template" back through impact and around to the left (right hander)... the body leads and controls all of the downswing.  Never a "hit"... more of a "drag the shaft" via the body to the left. 

Distance control is also easy when you know you will move the ball the same every time, and know what the ball is going to do ever time.  You will know this when you quit flipping and put in the time practicing.  It is just like "tossing" a ball.  You pick a spot*, and throw at a speed that will hit the spot and will roll and stop at, or in, the bottom of the hole. 

* The "spot" takes in to account... up or down hill, the break and undulation etc. so you have to visualize all that when you pick your spot.  Move your arm underhand a few times, to practice tossing, to feel where you want to land the ball, so it will react how you need.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Ross. Thanks for your quick and detailed response. Its only been two weeks and I am making progress already. I will be sure to apply everything you told me. I must say, the contact on my pitching has improved dramatically already, and this is the shot l have struggled with the most over the years. Thanks again. Ralph

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