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Hi Ross

Had an excellent game last week - shortened my backswing in an effort to get everything working and now trying not to "hit" the ball hard - as a result some lovely golf strokes.

However a few times when all did not go correctly my playing partner said that I appeared to be dipping my right shoulder and it seemed like I was "scooping" up the ball - 

What should I concentrate on to try and correct this?

- when shots went wrong they usually scooted along the ground - occasionally very high in the air with less distance

thanks in advance
Glad you found the "shorten the backswing" to allow you to rotate easier and avoid the "trouble area" that most golfers get into on the backswing.  That area, is when the hands take over and the arms start helping by lifting on their own... oh, and the elbows come apart and both bend... and now "hope" to "recover" on the downswing [frown].

I really need to see a couple videos (front view and from behind DTL) to help (the right way). I know of many things and combinations of things that cause both of the issues you're describing, but then you'll have to experiment.  Take advantage and send a couple lesson videos then I'll tell you exactly what's up...


Move Less ... Get Good!   


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