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I am having an issue on my backswing because my right elbow gets trapped behind my body. When I start my downswing it crashes into my right hip and I end up flipping. I concentrate on pinching the elbows to the point they are hurting after a range session but the same result happens. I have tried to bend the elbow consciously but it makes me hinge the club.

Have you had any other students with this problem?

Hi av505
-  You may be allowing your hips to move with the shoulders on the backswing.  This does not take the "slack" out of the back muscles, resulting on the downswing, the hips can move without bringing the arms/club along.  It is essential that the shoulders get a  "head start" on the takeaway to start the wind from top-down sequence.  This removes the slack in the back muscles for awesome potential... so on the downswing, as the hips start, they automatically move the arms/club too.

-  You may be letting your arms, disconnect and cross your chest (behind you), causing the back elbow to get stuck on the downswing.  Make sure the arms/club stay "in front" of the chest or aligned with the shoulders as they wind around the spine.  If you learn to let the shoulders control the arms/club, you won't have a problem.  It is when the arms/hands move on their own or help, that you become disconnected.

-  Your arms/hands may be adding extra "lift" once the shoulders have finished.  This puts the club into what I call "The Twilight Zone".  From their you can't get back in time and it causes the back elbow to get stuck.  Once the shoulders are done... start the downswing.

Watch the "Ross Move" lesson video to get some help too.

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