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Hi Dan

Your "Setup" question.  I prefer you get the elbows close when the club is out in front of you before you "drop" the template.  This will assure that your upper arms are on top of the pecs.

Yes, on the relaxed right side, but you don't want to drop the back shoulder... it can be lower (grip), but you want the shoulders to feel "level" and "square".

Your turn horizontally question... If I understand you correctly, if you were standing completely upright, your shoulders will turn 90° around your spine,... or parallel to the ground (essentially), but now that you've setup with some tilt in your spine, your shoulders still turn 90° to the spine, but they won't turn parallel to the ground, since you're bent over some.  They will rotate on the plane created by your new spine angle.  This is correct thinking.  You always want the shoulders turning freely around the spine, not rocking up and down.  If you had a hula-hoop around you and kept it 90° to your spine as you bent over, that would show you how your shoulders should rotate.

Pinch elbows question: I could write pages on this and most has been explained in the lesson videos, but keeping the elbows close towards each other, helps many things.  The most important part of the elbows is keeping the front arm straight and front elbow pointing back at the front hip at setup and again back through impact.  If you can keep the back elbow relatively close that is great and will help too.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Thanks very much Ross.  Going to the range today and that direction will get me started.

Think I will experiment just some with relaxing the right shoulder slightly versus keeping that the same and using a very slight spine tilt.  Will make sure this does not interfere with the correct shoulder turn that you've spelled out. 

Yes, the turn is horizontal when upright and then 90 degrees just relatively to your spine angle at address. 

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