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Hi Ross. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on lining up your shots with putting. Do you mark the ball with a line or how do you do it? Trying to find a mark on a green a foot away to line up to is not easy as there usually aren't any leaves or anything to line up with. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Richard

Hi Richard

First I cover this some in the Putting Routine videos.  

You must start with a visualization of the ball rolling, at a speed, for the particular putt and pick your “putt to” spot. This helps you start the ball rolling at the speed needed to reach the "putt to" spot.

Then you need a spot about 12” in front of the ball (area, does not have to be anything like a mark of leaf… just see an area and keep watching it as you line up the club face (through the ball) to the spot/area.  I think this works better than trying to line up, a line on the ball, to the spot, and then line up the club face to the line on the ball (too many errors).  You also end up hitting at the line on the ball vs. through the ball over the spot 12" in front of the ball, to the "putt to" spot.

Then use your shoulders to get the ball rolling at the speed you visualized and roll it over your spot.  You can also practice with a coin out on your spot and get the ball to roll over the coin.

It is important to also have the “put to” spot past/short of the hole to help determine the ball speed.  Uphill putts the "putt to" spot is past the hole and allow for less break... with downhill putts, short of the hole and allow for more break.  Again, watch the Putting Routine videos.

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