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Hi Ross,
Working on your putting setup and was wondering if you prefer or recommend a certain putting grip that works best with the method?
It appears you hold the putter with a conventional grip in your videos...I’ve experimented with different grip the past couple years and have not been comfortable yet...
Any suggestions or insight?
Thank you
Hi Mike
You want your hands on the grip as neutral or natural as possible.  What I mean is ... you don't want one hand placed on the grip such that it wants to go "back" to a different position during the stroke.  I like my hands "opposing" each other ... example: my hands feel like they oppose each other, open 45° to the sky.  This to me feels the most neutral, so they can just hold that position and not change at all during the stroke*.  I also feel a "holding" of my back wrist bent "in" helping maintain the wrists "fixed" so they can not possible flip or hinge or release ever during the stroke.  Here is a video on YouTube that will help too Mike:  

* The stroke is generated by the front shoulder (push down - pull up)

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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