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Took the GF to the range today! Taught her the set-up and let her use my clubs. Ball on the tee [wink]!

After making sure her knees were bent and elbows pointed at hips,  she hit 8 balls in a row in the air with a draw! She used a wedge, eight, six and 3 hybrid-all mens' clubs! Driver didn't go to well for 5 shots until i realized the weight was rolling her blade open-then 5 hits down the middle in a row! She hitter a few more irons totaled 27 balls playable out of 41 first time using Ross' instructions.


I lowered my driver to eight degrees and put it in my instep and stared picking out trees/targets-realy had to concentrate on the square back takeaway and once i did the 8 degrees looked like 11 or 12 low take off and laser-like rise until a soft  fade/landing  followed! Have to figure out a penetrating draw! Hybrids and 3 woods were like lasers!

It really did seem like 55% or 60% weight forward  made the system work best![cool]


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