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Move Less ... Get Good!

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Ross, hitting the ball very well and driving the ball 250+.  Still fighting over the top move that pulls the ball hard left or a high slice.  Working on quieting the head and keeping it behind the ball, but I suspect I'm pulling the club down and to the inside.  Any drills to correct.  Don't see this fault with the irons.
Good to hear from you! You should send me a couple videos of Driver (front + DTL views) then I can tell you for sure.  Usually, a straight pull is the arms trying to help through impact and they take over and pass the body's rotation.  You want to keep the body dominating and leading the arms slightly... in other words, focus more on your turn than hitting the ball... JUST KEEP TURNING to the finish.  This also may be a little square face "flip" at impact, but I'm thinking more on the arms causing the rotation to stop.  As far as drills... Finish Drill, Stop Rotate Drill,  Fixed Wrist Drill  and focus more on "through" and after impact that the body is unwinding continuously to the finish (without and "hit at" or help fro the arms/hands during the swing)


Move Less ... Get Good!   

Ross, I managed to confuse myself with the hybrids and drivers for the first 16 holes today-part of the problem was my new knee reconstruction and kept trying to turn my right pocket on the down swing. Sprayed long clubs all over while irons, pitches and putts worked like a charm. Finally on the last two holes I just concentrated on turning my chest back and through! [idea]     Results were much better-do you ever describe your method as simply turning the chest back and through with the elbow set-up?

The putts and pitches were amazing!


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