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Hi again Ross

I have been hitting hundreds of balls practicing your method and drills. Unfortunately My bad over the top because of my left arm chicken winging is still causing me big problems. I have had several instructors try to fix this with no success. Can you guid me to which drills to focus on to eliminate this problem. I want to try to fix this before waisting your time with a video analysis.

Hi Tony
What big problems do you have?  What does the ball do?  Or, are you miss hitting (fat, topped, thin?). 

FYI, not one of my students has ever wasted my time, as long as they "try" and don't give up after one time at the range.  I love to get video, so I can tell you exactly what is up, and what to work on.  You may have a couple of "setup" issues causing some problem later in the swing, and your "swing" does not have a problem.  This is what I do.  I will make a couple suggestions based on how you answer my first questions... Ross

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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