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Move Less ... Get Good!

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One of my students said, "I start topping when I try to hit farther".  Actually, many different problems can occur when there is no "Limit" to where you're trying to hit to.

"I want to hit Driver or my fairway wood that way, as far as I can!"  Your subconscious thinks... okay, all out on this swing!  We all know that does not work.  Anything can happen when you over swing.  The golf swing is about discipline and control.

I use a mental trick to keep me in check from over swinging or trying to hit it as far as I can.  I try to "Place" every shot...especially Driver.  Instead of thinking, I want to hit Driver that way as far as I can,...  I look to a specific area that I want to land the ball... it is like playing Dot to Dot... you place your drive, place your second shot etc.. 

The other thing you can do with this technique is to "work back from the green" while you're on the tee box.  If you like an 80 yard shot to the green, imagine from the green to the 80 yd. mark.  Then, continue backwards to where you'd be hitting your second shot to get your to the 80 yd. mark.  Then go back to the tee box and pick a "placed drive" to where you'd like to take your second shot.  You get the idea... dot to dot (backwards).  This gives you a "game plan" from the tee.  This technique may help you... it helps me.


Move Less ... Get Good!   

I have 2 mantras in my game; less is more, and nothing extra...nothing special (which is good because I possess niether :-)). Took me a looooong time but I finally play within myself and with course management. Par 4's and 5's...the drive is now a "lay up" rather than grip it 'n rip it.

Not a long hitter, 150 6 iron....220 +/- off the tee, but I know my distances with every stick. Par 5 is now a 3 shot hole and I try to set up for 65 to 110 yards to the go to shot.

In short, I now look for good angles and yardages when setting up a shot....funny what course management does for s scorecard

Ps: got a habit on the range of gradually over swinging as I loosen up, leading to horrendous results...go back to my mantras and mentally kick myself and all is well.
The "dot-to-dot" concept is very useful! So every drive is a "lay-up" to that spot and next shot is a "lay-up" to the next spot [cool] very cool!


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