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Move Less ... Get Good!

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Just jointed yesterday and am excited about "fixing" my ailing golf game. 

I am 6' 7" so if any of your tall guys want to chime in about some of your trials it would be greatly appreciated.  It can be tough to correlate what you see in a video of "normal" sized people to my set up, but I know the principles stay the same.

Spent two hours on the range last night trying to find that athletic setup that allowed me to still get to my left side at the finish of the swing.  I find that if I sit too much, the quads get so engaged it limits my ability to rotate on the left hip joint, but of course, the option is bend more.

I did hit some good shots, hit some pulls and some thin ones but it was one night.

I am a 21 handicap right now, was once a 15 and my game has just been going steadily down hill, hoping this journey helps me to enjoy the game more.  Right now it is just frustrating.

Looking forward to the journey!
Keep in mind golf is not just the golf swing.  Usually a 21 hdcp. has some short game (getting up and down) issues.  You may want to keep track of your missed greens and how many saves you have per round to help determine what you need to work on for short game to improve your hdcp. while your working on your full swing.  The pitching alone will really help both.  Also, if you keep struggling with setup, send me a couple swing videos so I can look at it and help. 

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Thanks Ross, actually I am probably a little unique, I was a 15 and then I would say that chipping it closer would have been the key.  Right now, the reason I am a 21 is that I spend way too much time chipping or pitching out from behind the trees, being in the water, or worse being O.B., where I get the double whammy.  My woods and long irons are horrid while my mid and short game I would only classify as suspect.  I could live with suspect right now.  Trust me, you will be getting some videos soon, but for now, I want to spend some time getting over the strange sensations that change is causing.  I am looking forward to it.

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