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Move Less ... Get Good!

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Just wanted to share my progress over the last two weeks. I play nine holes often in league play and I’ve been stuck at the high forties for scores since May. Since starting the method now I’ve broken through to the low forty range and very close to getting into the 38-39 score range with some improved putting.
Drives and ball striking much more solid and predictable.
I play and rewatch the lessons regularly to improve on mistakes..
Biggest improvement is in stringing several pars consecutively and even a birdie mixed in..
Friday I had five pars in a row and just made a mistake on one or two holes. Golf is much more fun when you can hit quality shots!
Thank you Ross, your method and now My Method is the key to steady improvement!

Great Mike.  I once heard a very useful "Playing" thought;  "You can mess up one shot on every hole and still par"...  Think about it.  Don't give up.  Give every shot 100%. 

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Hi Ross,
 I think I quote you on the "You can mess up one shot on every hole and still get par" just about every other round.
Case in point, there's only a couple holes on my home course that feature potential tree trouble, so 
when I played a round in the Redwoods recently, I thought it would be a good test of my mental strength. I struck one of the mighty giants center trunk about 100yds from the tee on a par 4 and it bounced back at us (accompanied by my playing partners groaning in unison at my fate). I smiled and mentioned the quote, punched out from the trees, hit my next shot dead on at the pin, and made the 4' par putt. I was the only one who made par in spite of being 100 yards behind everyone off the tee 😉.

WTG!  How cool! It is easy to say (keep grinding), but hard to do for the whole round.  Takes a lot of discipline and practice.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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