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Student Question
All my wedges go big time left on 120yds and in. I miss all my greens after good drives. What do I do to correct it?
- You may be setting up with the toe of the club off the ground, which points the face dead left.  Wedge leading edge must be flat, flush to level ground.
-  You're flipping the club head at the ball vs. rotating.  Quit flipping and learn to rotate and trap the ball vs. hit at it.
-  You’re stopping your body turn too soon and your arms/club are passing your body rotation… pull the ball.  Keep your body leading and bringing your arms/club around to the left (right hander).  You body's rotation must always be slightly leading the arms, all the way to the finish, or the ball will go left.  If the arms/club pass your core/center before you've finished rotating, you're in trouble.  The body rotation must dominate the arms/club until you can't turn any more.


Move Less ... Get Good!   

I had this same problem while learning the Ross method last winter...emailed Ross and got a fast responce with a video link. Ross' s video was great but I still was a bit left. Took my wedges to my local golf shop and hit em off a lie board...bent them down 2-1/2 degrees, my standard iron lie, and that in conjunction with Ross' s lesson fixed it.

Off the rack irons, for my set up, are always toed up that 2.5 degrees for me. I've never been fitted for clubs, have bought a few sets of used irons, and my shop (known chain golf only) has tweeked them for my needs at no cost.

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