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Move Less ... Get Good!

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Balance means many things and is critical in my method.  If your body starts out-of-balance* or shifts out-of-balance during the swing, you're in big trouble. I have written a lot about this in the blog, and here in the forums, and mention in many of the lesson videos, about how important a balanced setup is.  If you make it something you check with every shot, you'll be much more consistent.

* Common ways to setup or end up "Out of Balance"
1.  Bend down to the ball from the top with your chest out over your toes.
2.  Lifting the arms or reaching out at setup for any shot! Especially putting.
3.  Allowing your weight to shift during the swing.
4.  Dropping the back shoulder and tilting the spine off axes.
5.  Letting the arms lift your chest up on the backswing.
6.  Letting your chest/head move towards the back foot on the backswing.
7.  Letting the arms/club pass the body's rotation through impact.
8.  Letting the top of your spine, tilt off axes (leaning) towards the target, at the top of the backswing.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

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