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I was fortunate to spend Saturday and Sunday at the U. S. Open.  There is no question that television perception might have been less than great (burned out), but this course is really quite attractive.  We are just spoiled by rich, green, thick rough.
Watching many professional swings gave me total confidence in your 60% left side method, and even though I have been practicing it, sliding to the right is a hard habit to break.  Pros do not slide...they load up from the top down, just like you recommend.  They are simply much more flexible and can take the club parallel on the backswing.  Many do not even make a complete turn, stopping at about 60%, particularly on iron shots.  I'm sure you are completely aware of this.
Also, while having the club in line with the front arm feels awkward at first, this position is not very different from their setup, especially at takeaway as they begin their backswings.
Golf Digest says the tour professional is 300% better than the average amateur.  I think it's more!
I'm inspired to make this change permanent.  It simply takes so many of the uncontrollable variables out of the swing that the more you practice it, the better it gets.
Thanks for your gracious help.  I'm gaining on it!
All the best,
Harry Moore
I'll bet you had a great time.  The conditions really tested their mental stamina.  That is where the "routine" has to be sound and trusted!!  Thanks for the nice comments Harry.  A newer idea (to help keep the weight 60% forward) that I have been using with my students lately, is to try to keep your chest fixed as the shoulders just wind up.  Many let their chest slide back with the shoulder turn.  This ideas is still in the infant stages, but see how it works for you.  It is not how far you wind up on the backswing, it is how efficient. 


Move Less ... Get Good!   


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