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Ross, when I hit my best shots, in terms of both distance and direction, it feels like my upper left arm is pinned against my chest until just after impact. The feel is like the start of my hip turn has led my upper body just enough to create that effect. Is this common with your method? The club head speed is increased a lot. Very solid,square club face also. Its not always easy to reproduce.
Maybe this is just a "good miss".
Thanks, Larry
Yes, I think that would describe a "good" position Larry.  At impact, the body is still turning and leading (has not cleared), and the arms are slightly trailing, but in front of the body.  This position could be described as the front arm pinned across the chest.  Now, as you unwind a bit farther, and the body runs out of room to unwind, the arms will continue due to inertia and extend out away from the body.

The big "key" here, is that the arms are not pulling themselves across the body, passing the body.  The body rotation dominates until it can't turn any more.

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