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New to swing. Ball going straight, good trajectory but seem to have lost distance. Is this expected ... is backswing likely not full enough or turn too slow or ?????
Yes, maybe a little at first (everyone is different),... BUT,

Remember:  Straight is half the battle and straight will score better than longer and crooked in the long run... Now, you will get longer as you learn to maximize all elements.

Many turn their hips and their shoulders together and don't create much torque with the windup/resistance on the backswing.  This looses power. 

Some don't turn their shoulders around their spine, they lift their arms up instead and loose power.

Most are just learning to turn and trap the ball and don't realize, that once they have learned to turn, just turning faster will hit the ball farther. You don't need a longer, disconnected backswing... short and efficient is great. The forward movement is the big key, not the backswing.

Also, hitting the sweet spot will move the ball the farthest.  Many miss the sweet spot with active hands.  If the hands are active at all, the body stops and this robs the "trap" power and may miss the sweet spot.

Others do not have the shaft in line with the front arm at impact with the front wrist flat or even bowed out front wrist.  This really kills the power and is usually because of a flip.  Check a video of your front wrist at impact to see... the shaft must be leading the club head with a flat front wrist.

Also, Members get (1) Swing Analysis and I can narrow this down pretty quick to help find where power is being lost.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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