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Hi Ross I was keen to give you some feedback. As a former rugby player I decided to start up golf to keep my athleticism & have less risk of injury, I was a fullback & played with & against All Blacks. I also had a lot of passion for golf when I was younger & felt now I could give it my all. Since joining your membership 2-3 years ago I wanted to tinker & experience several different ways of swinging a club. I love to practice but also believe in quality over quantity. I now have my dad enjoying consistency in his game because he has taken to your method well also. I have constantly compared every experience of ways to swinging a club with your method as it has yet to be bettered. The more I worked on another type of swing, the more it showed me flaws in comparison to yours. I now am playing off a 12 handicap & just hit my biggest drive (in great conditions & flat course) of 340metres 1st shot at Huapai championship golf course, Auckland New Zealand. I have taken regular notes everyday since starting & it has helped me keep good habits & eliminate bad ones. My regular flaws were common to why you have your method. Today I am very very happy as I have justified to myself why I am suited best to your method (my biggest worry was distance & wrist action or none of in your words). But from my experience stated I have every reason to embrace Duplessis golf, any concerns because of my previous lack of knowledge have been squashed because I have experience from research, playing & practicing now. If you ever decide to do anything in New Zealand with your golf teaching or need help down here in anyway it would be an honour to be of service to you. I have bigger goals with my golf & already vision me thanking you 1day when holding a trophy of importance...... the journey has just begun. DUPLESSISGOLF4LIFE ⛳


Hello Chris
Thank you so much for the kind words and commitment.  Golf is hard and elusive at times.  I think that is what keeps so many coming back for more.  Not many ever get bored with golf.  There is always something to work on and room to grow as a player.  Not sure if I’ll ever make it to New Zealand, but if I do, you’ll be the first one I look for.  Thank you again and tell your father thanks for his commitment and trust.  Talk soon...


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