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I just answered an email from a student and it brought up a very important setup check point.

Ross...Regarding my Driver.  I've used your 4" set up.  And I've hit a few long, straight bombs.  However, when I've hit it very long and straight as an arrow...I was actually setting up to fade the ball.  But the ball goes straight as an arrow...not fading at all (I'm left handed).  So for me, I kinda aim a little right....and the balls goes dead straignt down the middle with nice distance.  So, I'm a little confused.  It seems like i have to aim right to hit it straight.

Here's why:

Once setup (because of the shaft in line with the front arm), when you use your feet to align the club face to your "target line", your "toe line" will be slightly open to the "target line".  This should happen automatically using my setup routine.

I know many of you will second guess this, thinking the ball will "Fade" or get "Blocked" or even "Go Left" (right hander), if your stance is slightly open... but because we "rotate" through impact, the path is more "circular" or "curved" and there is a moment the club face meets the ball, that it will go straight* or may have a slight hint of fade, but extremely reliable and playable.  Here are a couple previous posts and one with an attempt to make a graphic to help show:

It is kind of like "blocking it down the middle".     

This link is about Hybrids, but contains info on this subject

* 80% of face angle imparts on the ball... but only 20% of path effects the balls direction (Dave Pelz). This means essentially... where the face is pointing at impact, is where the ball is going.  So, our face returns right back where it started and the ball goes mostly  straight.

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