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I love this method with wedges...more and more instruction has slanted towards Ross' s teaching...and same goes for tour players. I read/hear descriptions such as; "keep 60% weight on front foot, passive arms, core turn thru the shot, etc, etc".

My 60 yards and in has never been better using my 54* wedge...jared out an eagle yesterday...3rd on a par 5...50 yards out..high soft shot, hit front of flagstick, rode it down and hit just in front of the hole...popped up about a foot and dropped right in...ker-plop. Real cool!!! Only my 2nd eagle.
When hitting wedge shots into greens and i need a low shot under trees or the pin is cut in the back and i need more roll i like to close the face of my 54deg or 58deg wedge. This gives both lower flight and more roll. Of course aim must be adjusted whether you close or open the face. The hard part for me is how much to open or close the face to get the proper amount of right to left or left to right action on the ball. Any thoughts on this? Also it seems like the lower the loft of the club, the smaller the degree of opening or closing of the face is required to get the amount of ball movement desired. Do i have this right? Thanks for a great swing Ross!
Boy Larry, you're really getting into real subtle offsets/tradeoffs for different effects.  I love this stuff, but it really gets thick, in that it is not just as simple as opening and closing the face.  That is a rough start. 

The kind of clubs plays a big part (blades/perimeter weighted/offset hosel etc.), where you'd be fighting (or not), compensations the club manufacture added to the design. 

Another big change is "angle of attack" and the amount of "shaft lean"... or purposely "flipping", or getting the shaft behind the club head at impact, for a result that produces x result.

These results also depend on the speed of the rotation of the body too.  A Long swing with a slow rotation has awesome results (if done correctly).

Yes, it is my understanding, the less loft on a club, the more side spin can affect the shot.... You'll see a driver slice/hook more and easier than a SW.  Mostly because the more loft the club has, the more backspin affects the shot too.  So backspin/side spin "combine" at different ratios, depending on loft (in my opinion).

Move Less ... Get Good!   

I am new here and went to the range yesterday.  Work in progress for sure.  One thing I have noticed is that with your setup with my arms hanging straight down I am standing quite a bit closer to the ball.  This has caused all the dirt in my grooves to go across the toe of the club.  The dirt dos not go along the entire bottom of my irons but just goes at about a 45 degree angle across the toe showing that the toe of the club is digging in, not the full bottom of the irons.  I am 6'6" and have 1.25" extended Pings...can these be bent up for this new club lie angle?  Or maybe I am too close to the ball?  I don't think so since my arms are relaxed and hanging straight down...

Hi Kirk
It sounds like you may be a bit too upright for your height.  With the Athletic Setup, you want to have a counter balance kind of "tilt".  What I mean is a sit down (rear extends out), offset but the chest dropping down a little, BUT still centered over your legs.  This is similar to a quarterback in football just before he gets the ball.  The thighs are "ready"

I think it best for you to send me a couple swings through email (front on and from behind looking down the target line), so I can see and we'll know for sure.

When you were fitted for the Pings, did you hit on a Lie Board with tape on the bottom of the club?  Now, if you did, were they at the correct color and length or did someone just have you use their "stock fitting clubs" to find the correct Lie Angle, then just add the 1.25?  It can be tricky to get it right at your height. Also, adding that extra length, makes the shaft flex more toe down through impact because it is longer.

Now, I would take your current clubs to someone who has a Lie Board and tape the bottom and hit a few shots (it only takes a couple shots).  Then look to see if you're making a mark right in the middle on the bottom of the club. If not, then the Lie Angle needs to be corrected.

FYI... usually, (if I'm remembering right), you can't really change the Lie Angle, just by standing closer or farther from the ball, because the club is moving so fast through impact, it gets pulled down from the inertia and finds it's bottom. 

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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