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Student Question
I was asked to speculate anyway without seeing any videos... here's my answer.

Ideally, you send me a couple swing videos then I can tell you for sure. [smile]

Now, I really don't like to speculate because there are many "things" and combination of "things" that could make you hit the heel.  It is like telling a doctor I have a stomach ache give me medicine (it could be many different things and the wrong medicine could hurt you more). 

In general, it might be a setup issue.  Your arms are not fully extended at setup... you setup with elbows bent, so the radius elongates due to the inertia during the downswing lengthening your arms ), pulling you arms out away from you, making you hit the heel.  Answer: Setup with your arms fully extended,  elbows pointing at hips and close together and they work close together during the swing to maintain the radius. 

You also may have a posture problem where you are not maintaining the setup posture angle during the backswing and downswing.  Answer:  Setup athletically and swing within that balanced setup.

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