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i'm having a blast with "our" new swing!  i feel fortunate to have stumbled on the program while looking on you tube.  i was there after googling square to square method as advertised on the golf channel.

i've enjoyed the videos and feel that i've found what i was looking for in golf instruction. the one aspect of the swing that i don't recall seeing on videos is adjusting the setup to hit from the rough successfully.  i've gone out on a limb and have moved the ball back in my stance for these shots and it does seem to be working better.  if there are better ways, please advise.  i'll be sure to practice the new technique if it ever stops raining.  one happy observation about the new teaching, i'm not in the rough as much as before!
Glad to hear about your improvement [smile].  Moving the ball back a bit is fine.  Don't need much change in the rough, since we already setup with the shaft in line with the front arm,  this should bring the ball right out, as long as you use your body turn to do it.  Don't let the hands take over trying to help[frown]

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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