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What do you physically feel when starting the downswing with the hips? Is it the left knee moving outward first? Or is it the left foot rolling to the outside? I thought I was turning my hips ok in the downswing but after watching another video, I see that my hips don't seem to move completely around. I can turn my hips ok when I do the large muscles drill, but when I lower my club to the ball it seems that my hips are kind of stuck. I wish I could better feel my hips to initiate and lead the downswing. I tried bringing my right knee over to touch my left leg but that results in a weird turn that doesn't seem to get my hips turning correctly. I've worked front foot and no sway drills but still can't get my hips moving correctly when over tge ball. In other words, I can't get my hip turn to look circular like yours in your swing videos. Maybe I can start the downswing with a focus on a particular muscle? Or the knees? Feet?
I feel all my muscles working together to unwind from ground up... as if I was throwing a ball.  Here are a couple things:

1. If you use your hands to hit at the ball through impact, the body stops rotating to "support" the hit (not good).  Just like if you were chopping a tree... your body unwinds at first to a point where is stops and the hands throw the axe head into the tree.  We MUST keep the hands from hitting at the ball and use the body's rotation to move the ball.  You want to visualize accelerating all the way to the finish.

2.  You also must have more of your weight on the front foot to be able to unwind and turn.  At the finish, you'll have 95% (or more) of your weight on the front foot.  Your knees touching at the finish is a "side effect" of having unwound correctly and completely.  Nothing moves independently.

3.  Remember... you have to wind up (backswing), correctly (top down), to have created the potential to be able to unwind on the downswing.  For instance: if you moved your hips and shoulders together on the backswing, you did not create any wind up... so on the downswing you can't unwind, because nothing is really wound up.  It is like a "false" backswing.

Once again, the best way I can explain the feeling is like throwing a ball a long way... the body unwinds to bring the arm through and you let go... the body does not stop half way the the arm takes over.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

I can appreciate the difficulty with what appears to be a simple motion. This is a feature of the swing I have had a problem with since day one (as Ross is aware of) and I believe this has been the major reason I have not progressed as I would have wished.
I have spent much time with this and although I have sorted out in my mind the correct motion, execution is not so easy to accomplish. I think the thought of 'turning in a barrel' is flawed and with this thought you will more than likely spin the shoulder's which is not what you want. I think now just of hip movement and the way to achieve it using the lower body. For me, this is a combination of pushing off the right foot and going backwards with the left hip and the weight ending up 95% on the outside of the left heel. I think there should be a 'feel' of thrusting the hip's forwards whilst rotating to get nearly all of the weight off the right foot and at the same time keeping the upper body back. At impact I would say 80% of the weight should be on the left foot. A major 'must do' is the Ross move which brings the arms back down as you turn elbows pointing to the hip's as at address. These two features I believe are key fundamentals of Move Less, Get Good.
I think most amateurs do not have this hip action and this causes then to make compensations which are usually not successful or repeatable. Time spent embedding these fundamentals will pay great dividends over the long term. 
Thanks Davew. Your description of how it feels to turn may help me. It looks so simple when I see others do it but so difficult when I try.
This helped me get better focused on hip turn.
I realized I was (still) not starting the downswing with my hips when I re-discovered my living room version of this old drill (caution: make sure your wife is not home[smile]
Line up with the arm rest of your couch or arm chair down the line (where the club will be when its parallel to the ground on your backswing). Step forward a 1/2 foot or so.
Put a decorative pillow on the arm rest.
Swing to the top and pause.
The Payoff: if you start the downswing with only your hips you will clear the arm rest. If not, immediate feedback! Also good for tempo after you knock that pillow off a couple times.

DaveF, I don't understand this....

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