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Hi Ross,

When hitting a high pitch with club face open, this dictates a open stance, does the swing path go along your toe line or towards the target?
The swing path is always along the body lines. The club face is on the target. 

Since we use the shoulders to move the arms/club, this keeps the swing constant.  If we were to try to swing along the target line (with the body open), we would disconnect and have the arms/hands etc., trying to direct the club.  This would not use the Large Muscles and will not be consistent or repeatable.

If you open the face prior to taking your grip, then let that hang... use your feet to line up the club face on your target... your feet will already be open just how they should be.  Trust it... swing along your body lines using large muscles, and as long as you don't flip or use your hands, the ball will react just like you want.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Thanks for the reply, works well.

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