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Hi Mr. Duplessis, Over the past 2 years I have been using your system. Here is what been happening. We play a game call 1,2,3 which means $1,$2,3 par, birdie eagle. This game cost me money every time I played. Using your system it like working a job 4 or more pars per round and 1 birdie. Still only scoring 88 to 92 per round but it getting better.
Thank you

Hi Victor
If I’m understanding your correctly, you’re not losing as much money, but still losing?  If you shoot 88-92 and want to improve to 84-86, you have to make up strokes somewhere.  You find out “where” you lose strokes, by keeping track of your game, then improve a little “here” and “there” and the next thing you know, you’re down to 84.  So, if you keep track of your:

1.  Fairways hit
2.  Greens in Regulation (hit the green on a par 3 in (1) or par 4 in (2) etc.)
3.  Saves (getting up and down 2-shots only around the green)
4.  (1) putts (2) putts (3) putts and how far they were
5.  Total putts

After you keep track for a while, you can see patterns of “misses”.  Then you work on those areas.  

I can almost guarantee you improving your short game will make up strokes very fast.  Watch the video I have in the Mental Game section called “Short Game Story”.  Because of that student, I created a “Short Game School” years ago and most of what we did was learn to get up and down.  My students dropped strokes right and left with good techniques and the right kind of thinking.


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