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Move Less ... Get Good!

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One issue I have with improving at golf in general is that each part of the swing may affect another making it difficult to stay focused on improving one aspect. For example the body should lead the downswing through to the finish. But if the hands take over the body slows down and doesn't finish properly. The wrist must also stay fixed to prevent flipping so that the hands aren't taking over also causing the body rotation to stall. But if the body rotation is not continuous it causes the arms to take over. If the arms take over then the wrists also tend to break down and flip. Another example is getting the rotation as well as passive arms correct but gradually starting to not keep 60% of the weight on the front foot without noticing.

So my point is that while working on a specific area, another part of my technique may slowly deteriorate and me not know it. So I keep trying to fix one area but it may be another area that is causing the issue! Chicken or the egg!
I wish I had an answer for you Anthony.  Now you know why Pros practice so much... and they lose it regularly.  So, how is an everyday guy with a job, family etc. going to find time to improve and keep it?

FYI...last I heard, the average golfer shoots 95.  It is very difficult to keep improving.  It's exponential... what I mean is, the lower you go, it gets more and more difficult to lower your score due the large number of factors in the swing and game.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Sounds familiar! Experiencing the same thing. I revisit my swing flaws in a regular basis and (oddly?) in the same order, "peeling the onion" as it were.
I am encouraged that I get it back a bit better and faster each time (as Ross states).

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