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When using the gap drill,
How do you know you are aligned to the sweet spot
Good question.  First, there is no exact combination of movements to align the club face to the sweet spot.  Plus, as you swing, some factors change as the inertia pulls out and down on your arms and the shaft.

Your arms are hanging with elbows close... club just slightly off the ground and you use your feet to move over to the line and sit down athletically (balanced), club still off the ground*.  You try to align the club face to your target line through the ball back to your club head.  Once setup, you can also rough check by unwinding** (towards the target) a little and see the club face come over close to the ball and get an idea of where impact might be.

 Start with short little pitch shots to practice.  Through a bit of trial and error you'll find it.  It actually becomes a "freeing", "trusting" feeling once learned, because you're not staring at the ball (causing anxiety) ... with practice, you'll know you'll make good contact as you accelerate to the finish. 

* If you let the club touch the ground, you've lost the athletic balance needed.  Your legs and arms must be ready and you're not leaning on the club on the ground

** This is done from ground up, not moving your arms over to the ball, rather unwinding your BODY, like a real downswing.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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