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I don't mean this e-mail to be patronizing, rather it is intended as a "Thank You."  I am a Senior golfer (73) with a 14 index from the middle/white Tees.  I took up golf late in life (63) and took 5 lessons from a local PGA Teaching Pro.  He gave me all the basic fundamentals and told me that I was very athletic and should have no problem developing a decent game.  The last thing he said was....Remember to use the "BIG" MUSCLES!"

Having played Big 10 Baseball for 4 years and Tennis for 40 years, I caught on to golf very quickly.  However.......I ALWAYS knew that SOMETHING was just not right.  SOMETHING was missing for the correct feel that I knew I should be feeling. 

When I happened on to your instruction videos.........VOILA........At age 73, EVERYTHING fell into place.  From Chipping to the Driver, your videos FINALLY showed me how to use the.........."BIG MUSCLES."

Prior to watching your videos, my 4 Hybrid was 170 yards.  After watching your videos, the same club is now 185 yards.

I'm 5'7" 155 Lbs.  I'm always in play, never lose a ball left or right, I will stick one in the water down the fairway in front of me because of loss of distance as I aged, so your videos really help me in that area.  I play around 50 rounds per year and work as a Ranger on my Home course.  Needless to say, I LOVE this game and find it simply amazing that you are never too old to learn!  Thanks again.

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