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Several months ago I started using your method and was hitting well almost immediately. Now here’s the but, as most golfers, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I decided that I needed to hit a draw on every shot. Many miss hits and a flippy swing. Went to GolfT for lessons and after a couple, it dawned on me that they were teaching your takeaway exactly. And also no weight shift, but for some reason, they danced around the keeping 60 percent of weight on front foot. They said; don’t slide back. Your instructions are 100 times clearer. Are pros afraid to say keep your weight forward?

Well now Im back on board and hitting as well as ever. It’s taken my flipping wrist out of every shot. I’m putting so well now that I only had 10 putts on the entire back 9 yesterday!

Thank you so much!

Hi Rich
Wow, great putting and thanks for the nice comments. It is funny how more and more “traditional” instruction has been changing (finally for the better)… I’ve been waiting hahaha.

For me, your video best lesson is "stay back". That's due to my strong tendency to slide forward on the down swing. When I do, I get big hooks or pulls. I think this started when I used old school methods for many years and always had trouble transferring my weight to my front foot. Now, I think "all the action takes place behind the ball" as I address it. This keeps my head in place until brought around by my back shoulder. By then the ball is long gone. When I watch the tour pros, they all have that in common.
Thanks Ross

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