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Hi Ross
Please could you clarify the ball position for all the irons and fairway woods plus hybrids - will it always be 4 inches from the front foot and the only difference being how far one moves the back foot?

Regarding the bunker shots, do you also recommend clearing the hips & body during the downswing or is only the hands & arms working while the lower body remains still during the downswing?
Kind Regards,

Hi Quintin
Your first question about ball position:
Watch in the "Swing Section":  Ball Position & Front Hip Rotation , so you can understand the concept.  Then the only time you’ll play the ball 4” outside the front foot is for Driver on a tee.  Maybe 2” outside for 3 wood on a tee.  The ball position changes slightly but is pretty much just inside the front foot and the back foot adjusts for comfort.  Just think of rotating and you’ll sense about where the ball needs to be for the club in your hand… it is NEVER in the middle (can’t turn when it is and have to flip).

your second question bunker:
We never “clear” the body for any reason… we use the body to bring the arms/club back down in front as all of the body (while it is turning) moves the ball… all body parts unwinding and working together.

You’ll get this feeling the more you practice the drills.

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