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Hi Ross,

I am a 59 yr old man who loves the game. I recently saw one of your videos on line. Its winter here in Massachusetts and a bad one at that. I started practicing your method in doors just swinging and 8iron. After a couple of weeks I went to Myrtle Beach and played 5 rounds. I used your method to swing. Everyday it got better, and on the last day I hit every fairway and most I absolutely split the fairways in 2. I was able to look at my target and hit it and hit it long. It was very windy and cold there also but I still hit 70% of the greens in regulation. When you do it right it is right on target and when you don’t you know why, there is no “what the hell did I do now” thinking, you just correct it for the next shot. I have been playing to a 9.7 and I can see that going down some now. Thank you.

Hi Michael
That’s wonderful! These are the comments that have kept me searching, to try to make golf easier and fun.

Boy, you guys have really had a unbelievable winter this year. Spring is just around the corner :-)

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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